† † † † † † Goddess of The Dark  † † † † † †

~~~~~~~  I am the ultimate woman ~ supreme domme goddess  ~~~~~~~

I love playing with human toys!  I've been dominating them for over 10 years (professionally)
I bat them around, toy & torture them before I finally sink my claws in
I am a powerful creature encased in perfection - I can be wicked or soft & sensual - depending on my mood
I am an experienced professional domme - no little girl playing dress up - the real deal!
I have been practicing professionally for the past 10 years
I do what I want and never follow a script
I do not over plan my sessions. I keep your interests & limits (although i enjoy pushing them) as the guild line for your session, then conduct the scene spontaneously while in the moment. I go with the mood & energy between myself & my subs. This keeps thing fresh and fun!  Every session is unique!
I enjoy amusing myself with my human toys and sometimes like being creative doing so.
my style is fun & effective - its all about my pleasure & entertainment!!!

I enjoy every session I conduct in my playspace that is mine alone - never shared with anyone else
It is not your typical cold dungeon, but rather my beautiful lair equipped with everything I need to wield my beauty, my body, & my mind & completely take over; controling you
I put you under my spell, draw you into My World  (the only one that matters) which is my protected bubble where dark dreams come true
I pride myself on discretion for both myself, and my subs. This includes Everything -  from discussions prior to meeting to our time in my playspace - all remains discrete - for my eyes only!

I'm conveniently located right in the center of hollywood (close to the 101)

....and remember these essential details:

I am Strong, Sexy and Intelligent ... a flawless Siren You are weak and will crumble as I wield my power My style is my own. I play off of my mood & energy of the moment I am intense & captivating. I truly understand your need to submit I can play light or hard - but no matter what I am ALWAYS in control I can be quite cruel, but execute my discipline with underlying heart & care My silky smooth legs, firm calves, tiny waist, ample chest, full lips, and shiny long black hair will have you mesmerized My beautiful eyes will penetrate you & have you captivated under my spell My perfect measurements are 34DD-24-34 - the ultimate body for worship My toes are always impeccably pedicured and my soles silky smooth My beautifully pampered feet are a perfect size 7 with a gorgeous arch I love wearing very high heels and have an extensive boot & heel collection as well as an extensive fetsh wardrobe I am a passionate and only do what i enjoy which is taking control of you! ;)