Location: Hollywood, California, USA

Hair Color: Black

Eyes: Hazel (but sometime various colored contacts)

Height: 5'5"

Dress Size: 2

Shoe Size: closed toe 7, open toe 6.5

Bra Size: 32f

Nationality: Russian & German

Birthday: February 19th

Tattoos: many - always need more!

tributes towards always appreciated

Piercings: ears, naval

Favorite Color: Black followed by purple & red

† † † † † † Goddess of The Dark  † † † † † †
† †
† †

How much notice do you need to session?

The night before absolute minimum for Live Sessions (preferably schedule your session few days in advance for smoothest experience)

Scheduling is booked up to 2 weeks in advance - I don't book further out due to changing schedules

Web Sessions usually soon, but depends on my schedule. NOTE: I am on a true vampire sleep schedule and sleep during the day. Therefore don't expect a quick response during the daytime (although early morning I'm still usually up)

I'm concerned about discretion, are your sessions/playspace/email completely private?

Yes! I value privacy & discretion as much as you do! My subs are important to me :) I cherish them sharing their deepest dark desires with me. I never exploit my experiences (unless that is specifically requested).

All emails are for my eyes only! I made this website and I'm the only one to ever see my inbox. I would never share or all others to view!

I'm a little nervous & want to talk to you/hear your voice prior to our session. can I call you?

Right before starting your session is a great time to bring up any unaddressed concerns/issues/ideas that need more clarity or you forgot to ask etc. If for some reason you did not feel comfortable discussing certain things in email, this is also the time to do so (please note: all my emails are for my eyes only, so I encourage you to be open - I assure you discretion of all conversations)

A phone call can be arranged for $100 tribute if you feel you must do so

Tribute deposit must be sent to either my paypal (at or I will also accept Amazon e-card

note: I do all my scheduling for sessions through email only. I find this more efficient & excludes those that like to call & waste my time/play games

You can also watch my video clips by clicking banner on top of the page.

What should I do to prepare for a session?

Be very clean/freshly showered (I do not want to smell any body odor anywhere)

Prepare your tribute in an envelope to present to me upon your arrival (I should never have to ask!)

Get in a submissive headspace, leave your power issues at the door, & anticipate all the fun to be had!

I've never seen a pro-domme and/or new to bdsm, will you consider me?

Yes, as long as you can follow my instructions, be sure to follow through with your appointment, & have read over my website carefully knowing my expectations. Also understand you must behave submissively at all times in my presence (I don't care if you're a gazillionaire/own an island/high profile) all I see if submissive. Always be respectful (I very much enjoy exploring with newbies). Adhere to these things and we'll have a lot of fun!

Do you look like your photos & are they current?

Definitely! I am a perfectionist and take pride in my appearance in every detail. I present myself just like my photographs. You get what you see! (the photos at the top of my gallery page are always the most current)

Do you travel?

Sorry I do not.  I encourage subs to come visit me in Los Angeles. Nearby hotels include The W Hotel, The Roosevelt, Sofitel, Chateau Marmont

Do you do outcall?

I love conducting sessions out of my own playspace with all my equipment just a fingertip away

I ONLY consider outcall for regular subs Ive seen many times at my playspace. Tribute is time & a half plus Uber fees to & from

I’ve heard you were a Penthouse pet centerfold, is this true?

Yes I am former penthouse pet & pet of the year in several countries as well as many other publications

I have questions about this may I ask?

Nope, I've closed that chapter of my life, as much as I enjoyed traveling the world etc., it is old news to me & will not entertain any discussion on the matter. bdsm is only topic up for discussion ;)

I'm not really into pain, do you offer lighter type sessions?

Yes! I enjoy lighter sessions just as much as the hard ones. Body worship is one of my favorites, just never forgot, you are sessioning with a Domme & I always call the shots!

I'd like to have dinner/meet for drinks with you prior to our session, is this possible?

Yes, I can meet your for dinner or at a club in hollywood. Understand this is incorporated as part of your session or is the session. Tribute & procedures remain the same.  It is nice to get to know some of my subs & sometimes a bit of discrete public play

Do you only session with men?

I session with woman and couples too ;)

Are you ever a switch?

NEVER - I am full 100% dominant and do not submit to others. NEVER SUBMISSIVE!

Which of your interests are your favorite?

I like a nice variety to keep things fun & exciting! I really do enjoy all my interests listed! I so tend to favor foot & body worship, spanking/paddling, sissy, & wallet draining (because it TURNS ME ON!!! Muahaha)

Do you offer hard scenes?

  Depends on your definition of hard. For example I enjoy a hard paddling & ball crushing (so fun!) but my hard limits are anything involving permanent bodily damage, invasive medical, toilet & scat, or anything involving illegal activity

Do you cater to crossdressing or forced fem?

yes! I enjoy totally femming you out! (I’m quite good at it!) I enjoy sissy boys ;)

whether we have some fun 'girl time' together or I'm flat out stripping you of your manhood and turning you into a woman of my liking, it's a blast! I have a lot of experience with makeovers (former cosmetologist). I'm equipped with a variety of dress, wigs, makeup, nails & wardrobe

Do you like gifts?

Of course! I love gestures of appreciation! they mean a lot to me. see my wish list page for ideas

Do you drink alcohol?

I occasionally enjoy some nice champagne, but prefer gifts, gift cards or additional tribute makes me feel extra special :)

Do you smoke?

I occasionally vape. I can make rather large plumes of ‘smoke’ (I love blowing it in subs faces)

are you married? do you have children?

Never been married (but could happen if the right guy spoils the hell outta me hehe. No children except my fur children ;)

What do you like to do when you're not in session?

I watching a lot of movies. I enjoy shopping online & everything coming right to me. I design & create clothing/jewelry. I'm a creative passionate person in general (this comes out in my sessions as well). I also love spending time with my parrot & cat, or attending metal/rock concerts with my friends