I conduct all sessions in my own private, discrete, safe & secure playspace located right in the center of Hollywood, ca

incall only (no outcall)- close to the 101 highway

My Session Hours are from 4pm until 9am

(must be scheduled by minimum night before)

Tribute rates:

1 Hour = 300   1.5 Hour = 400   3 Hour = 800

*** deposit required to schedule
*** topless sessions are an additional $100 per hour
*** sessions can include dinner/shopping/outing prior to playtime

** If you are in town for a limited time, please tell me your timeframe - I will try my best to see you, but usually need 1 days notice**

Live Sessions
† † †   Goddess of The Dark  † † †
MY Rules & PolicieS

* advanced notice required. at least 1 day recommended. Same day may possible if I hear from you by 4am latest day of

* I am on my own Goddess vampire sleep schedule therefore be patient for my response to inquires since my awake schedule is most likely not like yours

* You must following my booking procedure exactly otherwise you will not get to session with me!!!
it is easy & I will tell you once we agree on a date & time

* deposit required for all new subs, or if we have not sessions in a long time (this is not about money, but proof of sincerity that you will show for your scheduled session

* do not send me a million messages with your questions. Put them on one precise email. I do not have time for a lot of back & forth

* I expect all subs to be respectful, clean, odor free, well groomed, and ALWAYS in a submissive headspace in my presence either in person or virtual

* You will arrive only at your confirmed scheduled time - on time - never early! if you do arrive early, be prepared to sit in your car and wait

* If you are going to be late due to circumstances beyond your control, be sure to text me and keep me informed. I may be a few minutes late (never comes out of your session time) since I am meticulous about my look and make sure I look as good as I do in my photos when we session. If this is the case, just wait patiently, it will be worth it! ;)

* I do not like last minute cancellations. It takes time to prepare for your session. If you must, I expect you to pay pal me tribute if you'd like to be considered for future sessions. Otherwise I will ban you (and of course no-shows are instant bans as well)

* I expect your tribute to be presented in an envelope upon your arrival with all bills prepared face forward. I expect you to do this without me ever having to ask. For those of you that have gone above and beyond by adding an additional tribute tip, be sure to mention it, since this always puts me in a good mood!

* you are to address me as 'Goddess of the Dark' or 'Goddess'

* all sessions are private & discrete; never exploited (I cherish these things as much as you!) ...although if you want to be exploited that's a whole other game! ;)

* All my equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after EVERY session

* There is street parking  available close to my playspace. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let me know ahead of time and I will direct you to nearby attended lot. ALSO lyft & uber MAKE IT VERY EASY & WORRY FREE

* I do enjoy chastity keyholding. this is of course, only for devoted and committed subs  - not something to be taken lightly.

* financial domination is very pleasurable - i really get my kicks DRAINING YOUR WALLET OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY MUAHAHA! So fun!!!😈😈😈

* I do not enjoy complainers in session. if this is you, be aware you will be properly reprimanded until you cease to do so

* Roleplay if fun. You may select from my suggested characters. I will not follow your script if you have one - but I will follow a general outline

* I do not travel. You must find your way to come session at my My playSpace only


* Body Worship
* Foot Worship (I love!)
* Boot Worship
* Face standing
* trampling
* Bondage
* Scratching
* humiliation/verbal abuse
* ball busting
* nipple torture
* Face Sitting (no bare)
* spitting
* over the knee spanking
* corporal punishment
* Slapping/Kicking/Punching
* ass bruising
* whipping
* Cross Dressing
    (model quality Make-Up Application by request)
* Forced Fem
* Sploshing/Food Play/Forced Feeding
* Chastity Training/KeyHolding
* Mummification (plastic wrap)
* Tickle Torture
* Knife Play (no blood)
* Breathe Play
* Leather Worship
* Full Body Shaving
* Hair Pulling
* Electro Play (Violet Wand)
* Sensory Deprivation
* financial domination
* Roleplay (characters: Vampire Queen, Demon, Kidnapper, Big Boss, Cop, Head School Master (yardstick punishment),  High Priestess/Human Sacrifice)
* Confession
* Objectification/ Human Furniture
* Interrogation Scenes
* Psychoanalysis
* violation