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15 Minutes  -  $100

20 Minutes  -  $125

30 Minutes  -  $150

(Please note, in the unlikely event I find you purposefully offensive, I do reserve the right to terminate a session. One will be given chances to correct the behavior before I do so as last resort)

Web sessions

Virtual WebCam Sessions are conducted via Skype (or Facetime)

Tribute must be received first. Then I will contact you to arrange an amicable time. (The more notice, the better)

Upon receiving tribute a mutually agreeable time will be scheduled (I like planning & notice, so it may not be until the following evening - my availability varies - evenings are best

Once I receive your tribute, you are GUARANTEED a webcam session with me for the allotted time. Timing varies depending on my schedule, it may be in several hours, or more frequently the following evening.  My cam hours are the same as my live sessions availability.

I accept tribute via Pay Pal at my email on this site (see Contact page)  ~ or ~ if you prefer, I can send you a PayPal Invoice from this site or a more discrete email address for 'Non-Refundable Consultation'

(If you have never used Paypal before, know it is extremely easy to sign up & use)