Gifts show real appreciation of your Goddess

I love being adored & lavished with your offerings

Its a simple way to show your devotion
(that you are willing to go above and beyond)

gifts are actions that show how important I am to you

they really please me & I seriously get a thrill from it!

go to my amazon wishlist for easy direct purchase or see below

excited to see what you send me! :)

My Wishlist
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Dolls Kill Gift Cards
If you'd like to send me a gift, I always keep an updated wishlist on Amazon of items I really want

Your selections get sent directly to me. It's really easy!

I very much enjoy shopping online. Sending me an online gift card is ALWAYS APPRECIATED!!!

I don't find this tribute impersonal since I get to select the perfect gift from you!

My current favorite places at shop are DOLLSKILL and KILLSTAR

Just click and send to

If you'd like to bring a special gift for our session together, heres a list of suggestions:

* Leather Boots - I love boots! can't get enough!

* realistic Skulls (not cheesy) - I love skull stuff in general

* PVC or Leather clothing & adornments

* Unique or high quality BDSM items to add to my collection

* Goth/Metal/Rockers items


DRESS: small (unless bust is on smaller size, get larger size and I will have it taken in at the waist 25"  hips 35"

BRA: 32G or 38" measurements

BOOTS/HEELS: I am always a size 7 (or euro 37) closed toe. open toe size 6 1/2

GLOVES: size 7