Gifts show how much you appreciate your Goddess

I love being adored & lavished with your offerings

Its a simple way to show your devotion
        (that you are willing to go above and beyond)

Going out of your way demonstrates how important I am to you

Presents really please me & I seriously get a thrill from it!

view my amazon wishlist for ideas or make an easy purchase right there. Thanks in advance! :)

† † †   Goddess of The Dark  † † †
My Wishlist

I love tattoos and want more!  Good quality art is expensive. Therefore contributions towards future pieces is greatly appreciated! 

Please send your gift tribute via paypal to and send me a message that you are contributing to my next tattoo project.

Those that give significant tributes will receive personal thank you photos on completion of my next piece.

This is exciting!  YOU get to be a part of permanent art on MY GODDESS BODY!!!

If you'd like to select a gift for me, I always keep an updated wishlist on Amazon of items I really want.

Your selections get sent directly to me. easy!

I very much enjoy shopping online. Sending me an online gift card is ALWAYS APPRECIATED!!!

I don't find this tribute impersonal since I get to select the perfect gift from you!

Want to send me a gift but don't want it on your credit card statement/papertrail?

I recommend getting a pre-paid visa card at your local drugstore/supermarket

& make your purchases online with this card.                                  

If you are outside of the U.S. look for something similar in your area

If you'd like to bring a special gift for our session together, heres a list of suggestions:

* Leather Boots - I love boots! can't get enough!

* Nice Champagne

* items with skulls on them - I love skull stuff

* PVC or Leather clothing/adornments

* Unique or high quality BDSM items to add to my collection

* Goth/Metal/Rockers items


DRESS: small (unless bust is on smaller size, get larger size and I will have it taken in at the waist 25"  hips 35"

BRA: 32F or 38" measurements

BOOTS/HEELS: I am always a size 7 (or euro 37) closed toe. open toe size 6 1/2

GLOVES: size 7